Get to know Tom Hardy

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7-980 said: Your blog is just lovely. I'm really glad I found it. :)

Awwh thank you so much!

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My favorite movie scenes of all time in no particular order

1. The Usual Suspects (the lineup)

2. Dog Day Afternoon (“Attica! Attica!”)

3. Pulp Fiction (the revival of Mia)

4. Taxi Driver (“Are you talkin’ to me?”)

5. Jurassic Park (attack of the T-Rex)

6. My Cousin Vinny (“My biological clock is tickin’!”)

7. Full Metal Jacket (“Hi, joker”)

8. The Shinning (“Gimme the bat”)

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True Romance + Drexl Spivey
He musta thought it was white boy dayit aint white boy day”

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I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?

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Tom Hardy’s ALS ice bucket challenge!!

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Al Pacino brings his ‘PACINO: ONE NIGHT ONLY’ show to the Las Vegas Mirage! (08-16-14)

74? More like 24! I can only hope I have the same kind of energy when I get to be his age! Not that I was there or anything ( I wish ) but I can get a pretty good feel of what that audience must of been feeling just from looking at these amazing pictures!

Bravo, my love! You’ve still got it goin’ on!

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Favorite Al Pacino characters (7/?): Sonny Wortzik, Dog Day Afternoon

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badwollf (xasked: sirius black or remus lupin

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